I'm a creative problem-solver with an interest in semantic web development.

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  1. CamdenLiving

    Camden owns and operates more than 54,000 apartment homes across the US. empowers residents and future residents to search and apply for new apartment leases.

  2. HoopSeen (Phase II)

  3. U.S. Amateur Basketball (Phase II)

  4. U.S. Amateur Basketball

    US Amateur Basketball provides a cohesive national basketball platform that brings together the top grassroots tournament operators from around the country. Their goal is to bring together these various tournament operators to standardize and increase the quality of the tournaments being offered.

  5. HoopSeen

    HoopSeen is the nation's leading provider of prep basketball events and news. They operate tournaments such as the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions, The Best of the South, HoopSeen Atlanta Jam as well as local tournament circuits such as the Georgia Cup. They also run The Preview series of individual showcases including the highly renowned Elite Preview. HoopSeen's media team provides ongoing coverage of the entire prep basketball landscape, with feature stories, recruiting updates and national and state level rankings.

  6. U.S. Kids Golf (Phase II)

    An extension to the original USKG project that involved the creation of custom Drupal entities and a rewrite and optimization of the USKG registration platform that I developed in Phase I.

  7. United States Obstacle Course Racing

    USOCR hopes to serve as the premier sanctioning body and development entity for the sport of Obstacle Course Racing in the United States.

  8. CBMC

  9. Zaxby's Engage

  10. Zaxby's World

    A mobile app to notify Zaxby's employees of relevant news.

  11. U.S. Kids Golf

    The U.S. Kids Golf mission is to help kids have fun learning the lifelong game of golf and to encourage family interaction that builds lasting memories.

    I created this Drupal 7 site to replace a proprietary and complex content and tournament management framework. Although I built many content-related features, the most important features involved integration and communication with third-party services.

  12. Chick-fil-A Training Director

    Training Director is a resource for Chick-fil-A Operators and their team members to learn training best practices, connect with other training programs, and stay up-to-date on the latest Chick-fil-A news on operating and brand standards.

    I architected and developed this Drupal 7 project to replace and improve upon the previous Joomla version of the site. Additional features included a mobile-first responsive theme and user geolocation for OpenStreetMap-based mapping.

  13. My AT&T Source

    My AT&T Source is a new web-portal developed for AT&T Mobility to increase the effectiveness and helpfulness of Walmart and Sam's Club sales associates when discussing AT&T products with customers.

    I was the lead developer and administrator of this new Drupal 7 project. I developed a custom HTML5 theme and several Drupal modules to manage and serve AT&T’s approximately 7,000 region-specific products to each of the company’s appropriate 4,000+ Walmart and Sam’s Club dealers.

  14. Paradise by Marriott

    This site represents the Marriott and Renaissance Caribbean & Mexico Resorts (MARCAM) extension of the Marriott organization.

    I developed the Hot on Property resort pages for resort management teams to communicate local news and events to guests. Development on this Drupal 6 site consisted primarily of custom theme development and general content-centric administration.

  15. Chick-fil-A Connect

    The Connect website provides Chick-fil-A Interim Managers with a comprehensive resource for personal and professional development through the use of monthly podcasts and discussions.

    This project was developed in a Drupal 6 multi-site environment using a number of contributed modules for the authoring and display of content and media.

  16. Peters Path

    A hip local women's boutique that carries unique items and brands not found in most other stores.

    The Peters Path Store was developed in Drupal 7 making extensive use of the Commerce and Views modules. The look of the theme was designed by Kriston Sellier.

  17. Columbian Financial Group

    The Columbian Financial Group has been providing value through quality, affordable life insurance protection for over 125 years.

    The goal of this project was to move the existing html-based site into a content management system that could be administered and understood by both developers and non-developers while improving the end-user experience. The site was developed in Drupal 7 using an assortment of different contributed modules and a custom theme that was inspired by Kriston Sellier.

  18. Marriott Beach Blogger

    The Paradise By Marriott Beach Blogger campaign is a series of customer-centric contests meant to engage and inform potential Marriott customers using social media.

    I architected the Drupal6 Beach Blogger contest that was developed in conjunction with Heinz Wegener, and I developed a Facebook Canvas app to integrate Beach Blogger contests in a Facebook Page.

  19. King of Pops (v2)

    The second major version of the King of Pops site. This project utilized Drupal7 and involved a new theme, new content, and module development that implemented multiple external services. The design was inspired by Parker Ruhstaller.

  20. Chick-fil-A Seminar Resource Guide 2011

    Chick-fil-A's internal SRG site is an e-zine port of their annual SRG magazine publication.

    My role in this project consisted of Drupal6 theme development, site design, site administration, and content engineering.

  21. Chick-fil-A Exchange

    An internal Chick-fil-A site used to deliver content to CFA operators.

    I wrote a PC/iPad-targeted Drupal6 theme for this site that had originally only been developed for mobile devices.

  22. Retire with ING

    Retire with ING is an informative rich-media site meant to educate ING's customers of their retirement investment options.

    In addition to administering this Drupal6 site, contributing to multiple Flash projects, and engineering all site content, I developed a custom HTML5 theme and several Drupal modules. My module projects integrated RetireWithING with the KeyMetric and SalesForce external services and created a platform through which the entire site experience would be customized for the users.

    As a later enhancement to this project, I developed custom modules to extend the functionality of the contributed Deployment module.

  23. King of Pops

    King of Pops is an Atlanta-based gourmet popsicle shop that strives to provide an ecologically responsible, fresh, all natural frozen treat in a fun neighborhood environment.

    I developed and administered this Drupal6 site from the ground up using HTML5 semantic markup and CSS3. The theme was inspired by local designer Mick Bailey.

  24. Green World Investments

    Green World Investments Limited is an organization engaged in rendering investment, financing, research and development works to its clients for projects engaged in saving the environment.

  25. Verco Materials, LLC

    Verco Materials is an Atlanta-based engineering company that develops next-generation body armor.


  • Progressive enhancement
  • Responsive design
  • Semantic HTML
  • Unobtrusive JavaScript


  1. Georgia State University

    B.S. in Computer Science (Networks and Parallel and Distributed Computing)

  2. Georgia Military College

    A.S. in Business Administration